Online Events = Ticking Time Bomb?

Seems obvious but PREPARATION IS THE KEY! A golden rule for online events, and it can’t be underestimated due to the seemingly “simple” nature of events online (isn’t it just a laptop and internet?). This preparation is important for EVERYONE inside and outside of the studio. As with technology, there will always be ad hoc happenings and contingencies that are completely out of our control, this can happen any second and the extent of technical failure can be much more disastrous than you can ever imagine.

As the online emcee, it is my professional duty to prevent and mitigate any negative impact as these accidents happen during the live virtual events (while troubleshooting and hosting live with a smile). The risks and challenges involved in an online event are no different from a ticking time bomb IF you happen to be unprepared.

Whereas for my audiences and virtual attendees. Come earlier, as you may not want to miss anything… As difficulties could also arise before you can successfully join us online!