Melody Kwan, based in Hong Kong, is a versatile and talented in-demand MC and presenter, well sought after for her hosting talent.

Having grown up in Canada, and worked in Taiwan before relocating to Hong Kong and Singapore, she is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. She has the distinct advantage of being able to instantly connect with a global audience.


Famous and well-regarded for being outgoing, friendly, and an approachable individual, she put her language skills to good use as part of her professional delivery.


She has acquired a significant amount of experiences in working with both global icons and Asian brands in a variety of international professional events. Additionally, she works as a TV host, sports commentator, and a corporate trainer.


Melody is perfect for those seeking a professional to provide consistent, quality services for their events and projects; she will create an experience that will truly set it apart from the rest by entertaining and her remarkable storytelling abilities.


Her flexibility extends well beyond language and work type. As demonstrated by her portfolio gallery, she is also very adept at adjusting her style to any occasion or need, whether that be elegant, sporty, chic, professional, semi-formal, high fashion or feminine. Her appearance and presentation always reflect the highest of professional standards.

How Melody Helps Her Clients


Tell their story and communicate their message in the most appropriate manner.


Make events easy to digest and enjoyable for the audience.


Injects events with energy and enthusiasm


Makes clients’ brand, message, or story memorable, encouraging stories be shared and publicized

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