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To excel as a successful speaker or presenter, it takes proper training, a conscious effort, lots of practice combined with guidance and constructive feedback. A new challenge arise as speakers are now boarding a virtual platform to engage with an online audience as online events and online sessions emerge.

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Have you been talking AT your audience as opposed to talking TO them? Set yourself apart from other speakers and presenters by injecting live and character in your delivery.

Online Presentation
and Delivery

Talking into a camera is only half the equation, is your choreography and delivery catered for online purposes and audiences?


Are your messages being conveyed and shared by the audience? Does it still still resonate after your presentation?

Emergence of Online Events
and Webinars

In order to embrace your online presence during an online session, be it small scale meetings or webinars, to larger conferences as part of an online event- It is essential to embrace the basic essentials of:

  • On camera presentation
  • Engaging with a virtual audience
  • Leveraging technology for audience inclusion
  • Proper storytelling in order to attain your professional goals
  • Avoid virtual stage fright!

How Melody Helps Her Students


Are your messages being conveyed and shared by the audience? Does it still resonate long after your presentation?


Design your rundown and material for easy digestion and enjoyment by the audience.


A relaxed speaker is half way to their success.


Nothing is perfect. What's more important is how we act and react accordingly.

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