Shortly about Melody

MC Melody Kwan, based in Hong Kong, is a versatile and in-demand multilingual presenter, fluent in three languages – English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Famous and well-regarded for being outgoing, friendly, and an approachable individual, she puts her language skills to good use as an M.C., TV Show Host, and Voiceover Artist. She has acquired a significant amount of experience in working with both global icons and Asian brands in a variety of locations and settings. Additionally, she works as a sports commentator, acting as a translator, a script-writer, and a corporate coach/trainer (via corporate workshops or one-to-one counseling). Melody is perfect for those seeking a professional to provide consistent, quality services for your events and projects; she will create an experience that will truly set it apart from the rest. Please take this opportunity to browse through the portfolio on this website to sample just some of the phenomenal projects she has already accomplished. Your event could be included here, too!   Melody 是香港炙手可熱的知名司儀及節目主持人,精通三種語言 – 英語、普通話及廣東話,多年來以多才多藝、專業可靠、別具親和力見稱。性格開朗外向、和藹可親、彬彬有禮,Melody 成功充分善用她的語言才能,縱橫多個界別包括司儀、電視節目主持、配音員等。她擁有相當豐富的經驗,不論是國際企業或是亞洲品牌,在不同的活動性質及地點場合均駕輕就熟、揮灑自如。此外,MC Melody 更擔任體育評述員、翻譯員、撰稿員及企業培訓專員 (透過企業培訓工作坊或一對一個別訓練)。

What She Does