Coaching/ Consultant Services

mc melody kwan coaching


Melody believes that in a world where humans become more and more reliant on technology, it is still essential to add life any messages anyone delivers by injecting passion and enthusiasm into conveying messages of any kind.  This way, not only can our voices be heard, but the ideas will be remembered and shared.

Aside from on stage/ TV/ voice work, Melody focuses on guiding her students in finding their voices when it comes to anything public speaking related.  She guides them as they plow through the challenges of presenting in front of various audiences (sometimes in front of the camera), or even a group of judging panels.  She was “blessed” to grow up with an immense fear in public speaking as a child and adolescent, this makes it especially easy for her to understand how to device methods to help her students feel at ease as face these hurdles– as applies her knowledge in her training and mentorship.