How I managed 1153 children with “a new husband from a blind marriage”

CF closing_02_top shot

1 Artist Co- Host (Mr. Simon Ma)— Ingenious Artist, led this huge group of students, and breaking the world record together by painting

238 m of painting—  takes an ANT ~57 mins to run across this painting @ ~7 cm/s.

12 Groups of Students— @ group = 3.3 classroom full of children

1153 students—  104 soccer teams on the field

~50 minutes of extra time— ~1000 moments of awkward silence on radio/ TV


Never worked with this talented artist until the day of the event,  and knowing that we will lead 12 groups of students to paint with the same set of instructions, and a surprise ending with almost an hour of “free” time.

To many of us this could be seen as the ultimate recipe for disaster and greatest source of un-stimulation.

But in this event it was the best thing that ever happened!  Summarised in the below equation:

An Acquaintance + “Repetitiveness” + “Redundancy” = Enlightenment

To me it felt like working out the optimal parenting method with a husband (from a blind marriage), while guiding 52 soccer matches, finishing up with the friendliest banter, and learning from some of their individual experiences in the “family dinner”.

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